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Nov 9, 2005

Anyone Need A Janitor?
Does anyone else get oh say on the average of 8 calls a week for janitorial services? I swear. They all think I need someone to clean up my office...Guess what, we have employees...And part of their work day is cleaning up...Nope don't need it...Thank you...Baabye...They are driving me mad with these calls...I need a to be on a Janitorial Services DO NOT CALL list...
posted by Ty @ 11/09/2005 | 1 comments
Smile of the Day #7
I almost forgot this smile of the day! And it was the best one in a long time!

When I turned on my TV this morning, the very first words I heard (which would also be the very first words I heard from anyone today) were, "Democrats won in both hotly contested gubernatorial races yesterday, in New Jersey and Virginia." Ahh, sweet words whispered in my ears...I could hear them over and over again...Take that Bushie!
posted by Ty @ 11/09/2005 | 1 comments
Smile of the Day #6
Everyday for the last month that I have driven one particular route to work I have had to drive through some minor construction. It seems the median in the road needed brick instead of grass on some areas. No idea why. But it closed one lane in each direction so I suppose that's something. Anyway, it is a mild irritant to drive through this, until yesterday that is. Yesterday I saw something so cute, I did a double take. And today, the same thing made me say "awww" out loud while driving all alone.

In between the sections of obligatory brick is supposed to br grass, but by putting in the brick they destroyed the grass. So now they have to replace it. For the past two days there have been two landscapers laying sod. These are big burly hispanic men with tight jeans and cowboy hats. They drive a huge old beaten up red truck and walk with that cowboy (or I suppose in this case vaquero) strut carrying heavy rolls of sod. Very tough. But yesterday, I noticed a shaggy thing on the ground. At first I thought it was burlap or something. Then it moved and I drove nearer. It wasn't burlap, it was a dog! A very fluffy, prissy looking dog! I think it's shitzu or large pomeranian or something, but it is definitely a woosy dog. Just sitting in the median with these guys.

I tried to rationalize this, and decided maybe it was lost and they had found it running across the road because it just didn't fit. But today, on my way to work, I saw the same workmen, and there she was again, that shaggy (but well groomed) fluffball. She was just chillin' in the median with them. And then after stomping down a piece of sod with his work boot, one of the men walked over to the dog and ruffled her ears. And this is the point at which I said "awww."

Seriously, how friggin cute is that? I guess the dog goes out to their work sites with them a lot. She wasn't on a leash so they must have trained her to stay right with them, and she was just as calm as could be as cars rushed by. I just smiled all the way to work.
posted by Ty @ 11/09/2005 | 0 comments