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Jul 20, 2005

Anybody Else?
Does it bother anyone else how far down the Daily Polaroid is?? I want you all to be able to see it each day. Hmmm....
posted by Ty @ 7/20/2005 | 0 comments
Forgotten News!
I totally forgot to tell you guys!

On Mondays, I play in a 4x4 volleyball league (I also play 6x6 on Wednesdays, and will start this week playing 4x4 on Thursdays, as well). Well, this week's game was the playoffs for the first Summer season. We were in second to last place entering the playoffs...We had to win 4 games to be the league champions. Our first game was to be at 6:45. The first team we were supposed to play didn't show, and thus forfeited, so we made it through the first round. The team we were to play was the worst team in the league. Our next game wound up being against the number 1 team in the league. We won! Then we played the number three team. We won!! Then we were up against the number two team. They won. :( BUT, that means we came from second to last to come in second in the playoffs! Quite an achievement! We played so well! It was awesome!

Just wanted to gloat!
posted by Ty @ 7/20/2005 | 0 comments
BLINGO really pays!
So yesterday, I heard from Stacy that she had received her $200 cash prize from Blingo, only it was a Visa gift card, not an actual check like we thought we were getting. But ah well, guess I will have to be frivolous with the money instead of putting it straight in the bank. Now, what to get, what to get? I wonder if my contractor accepts Visa gift cards for payment...I could put it toward my patio that STILL isn't being built...Really need to get on that...

Oh, and in case you haven't signed up yet, Do it!! (And use me as your reference, please!!)
posted by Ty @ 7/20/2005 | 3 comments