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Nov 29, 2005

38 Hours To Go
I have just 38 measly hours to go for NaNoWriMo. I am down to approximately 4,000 words or 6 pages to write, and this book is not half bad!

Now that it is nearly done (and I know what it's about) I will give you a brief synopsis:


Mel is a smart, attractive, seemingly pulled together woman. At just 26 she has it all, the house, the car, she is Art Director for a major account at a great ad agency, stunning clothes, even a great cat, but what she is still missing is the love of her life.

In a cruel twist of fate, she finds herself working on a pro bono job for an amazing man, Eelco, who is from the hometown of the love of her life, Eindhoven, Holland. She falls for Eelco at first sight, but she is torn by the knowledge that fate has handed her a second chance with Sebastiaan, the man she fell in love with almost 10 years earlier while traveling in Europe. We learn that although she spent very little time in Sebastiaan presence, she knew before she even met him that he was special. Time and reason, though have kept them separated by an ocean.

While her love life is falling apart or coming together (she isn't sure which) her career nearly takes a faulty step. A vengeful coworker has put her account in jeopardy and she is determined to find the troublemaker to save her friend's job, her own job, and the pro bono account that could bring her closer to both Eelco and Sebastiaan.

Torn between the only two men she has ever loved, she travels to Eindhoven to work on the pro bono campaign and figure out where she stands with Sebastiaan. She is standing at a fork in the road and she is given the chance to see part of her destiny. Now if she could only decide which way to step.
posted by Ty @ 11/29/2005 | 1 comments