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Feb 25, 2005

Fred Durst and Paris Hilton Need Protection
Fred Durst's phone is the lastest in the Hollywood Hacker's repetoire. And apparently, the Dursty, was getting dirty with a young lady in a video clip! T-mobile had better up their security, and quick! I don't know why, but I laughed out loud at this news...

Oh! I just had a thought...who is in that T-mobile commercial with Paris Hilton?? Was it Durst? Is he one of them?? They think it's the same hack so maybe he is going after the cast of that commercial!!!
posted by Ty @ 2/25/2005 | 0 comments
I SO Feel Like This Some Days!!
Found this at Andrew Sullivan. This is exactly the way I feel some days...I would be the guy with the glasses.
posted by Ty @ 2/25/2005 | 1 comments