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Feb 21, 2007

I Did It!
I have officially left Blogger in the dust!

That has however left a dusty construction site at my new home, but I more than ready for you to grab your camping chairs and come over for a visit!

Change your bookmarks, update you RSS feeds, I am now at:
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Help With Migrating!
I just heard back from my blog template designer about making all the changes necessary to update my template to the new Blogger settings (which then allows me to get HaloScan to handle my comments) and they said it would be $75 an hour for 2 hours work. Hmm. It didn't cost me that much to have the the whole thing made from scratch! So now I am thinking of moving to WordPress. I don't want to spend money on hosting my site, so WordPress is the obvious other choice, but as any of you know from migrating a blog, it is a big decision. So this is where I ask, what can you all tell me about WordPress? If you use it, do you like it? If you used to use it, why don't you any more? If you've thought about using it but changed your mind, why? Will I still be able to use my snazzy blog design on WordPress? Please help me out. I want to make my blog as accessible as possible while still still maintaining it's prettiness!


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Feb 20, 2007

Ty *HEARTS* Photography!
I have a couple photo shoots coming up, so I am finally getting around to making Moo Cards to use as business cards. So to do that, I uploaded my favorite portraits from the lasts few months to use on the front of the cards. I think it will work out to about 2 cards of each picture, which will be a lot of fun when I hand someone four or five cards to give to friends. Each card will have a different picture, which I just love the idea of.

I thought you all might want to see the photos I chose, so here is a link to the photo set on Flickr.

Also, if you particularly like one pose or another, let me know on the Flickr comments. I would love to know which poses strike a cord with people for future photo shoots.


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Feb 19, 2007

Of Lovers Past
Three years ago I had one of the simultaneously best and worst days of my life. It was Valentine's Day, and it had snowed. A few friends came over to my house, and we sequestered ourselved with board games and booze. We built snowmen, and threw snowballs, and met a very large Great Dane. It was a great day. But somehow, it decended into a devilish sort of fray by that night. This was when I was first dating Jeff. We had hit the 4 month mark, and while we weren't seeing anyone else, we also weren't calling each other girlfriend/boyfriend. (Sound familiar??) Without going into detail, let's just say things went terribly wrong that night. Reservations were missed, clothes were left at the dry cleaners, and we broke up. We didn't even make it to dinner.

It was truly a horrible night for me. But something made me stay in touch with Jeff (quite possibly all the friends we had in common!) And six months later, we decided to try again...As girlfriend and boyfriend, and knowing that if we got together, we were headed toward marriage. We lasted four months. Things went cockeyed again, and we realized as much as we loved each other, a marriage would be a bad idea.

The significance of that relationship had been somewhat lost on me for a long time. I knew it was important, I knew I loved him, I knew it was a relationship that would always mean a lot to me, but until this Valentine's Day, I didn't realize, he was the first and, to date, the last guy I have ever fought for. In the end, I am sure he would say it was me who ended it. That I got distant, and uncaring, but the reality was, I did that only out of despiration and sickness at watching the best thing I had fall apart and the person I cared about most, self-destruct over and over again. It was far easy in that last month to give up. I had realized the relationship would never be a happy one, no matter how much I tried. But prior to that, we had both fought and worked to make something of the relationship. We bent and gave and conceded, and in the end, it wasn't enough. But I'll be damned if we didn't try.

I tried to tell him months later how much it hurt me to end the relationship, but he never believed me. He saw me as cold and calculating. Which is sort of ironic, because throughout our relationship, he had always beent he first to see right through me. But in the end, I manage to stuff my feeling so far down, that even he couldn't find them.

Being dumped four days before Valentine's Day last week, and realizing there was nothing to fight for, and that the biggest loss had been my Valentine's Day date brought back my tortured relationship with Jeff. It made me realize how much I miss what we had, and how, as much as I fought to make it work, I could have fought harder. I don't think it would have ever worked for us. We are just too much alike. But I think we could have gone farther. We could have loved each other longer.

So, to Jeff, a belated Happy Valentine's Day.

I will always love you, even if I can't be in love with you.


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Feb 15, 2007

About Comments
I have disabled anonymous comments for the time-being. I know a lot of you like to comment anonymously and just leave initials so I know who you are, and that is totally fine with me. The problem is, lately, I have gotten a couple completely anonymous comments, and one was incredibly sweet, while the other, NOT so much. On both accounts, I really wanted to know who the commentor was. So please take the ten seconds to set up a quick and dirty blogger account or sign in with a google account. I am working on a solution, but it is going to take a while because I will basically have to rebuild the entire site.

If you'd rather, you are always welcome to e-mail me at: longhorntwice[at]

I know it's an inconvenience, and I really don't want to loose your comments, so please help me out here! :o)

To set up a Google/Blogger account, go here. It should take about 30 seconds.


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Snip Snip
I got a haircut last night. I asked for bangs a la Reese Witherspoon in this photo:
This is what I got:

What do you think? I think they need to grow out a touch. Do they look ok?? My hair is growing SUPER fast lately. I just got my bangs cut less than three weeks ago and they had already grown almost an inch. So I asked my hairdresser to cut them a tad short because of that. But now I'm not so sure. My dad said he liked them, but that I looked a little Goth...What do you think? They can be a little piece-ier than they are in the picture.


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Feb 14, 2007

It's A Brand New Day!
It's amazing how much better Valentine's Day is when you have a First (BLIND!!) Date the next day! I will be meeting the...umm...he needs a nickname...Here's what I know so far...Lawyer, and musician (in a cover band that plays Dave Matthews Band, cause um, that that is so friggin' cool!!)...He doesn't sing the Dave parts. He plays guitar and keyboard.

Ok, so I am opening up the comments for nickname suggestions. "The Lawyer" sounds way too pretentious. I know several of you girls are good at this sort of thing, so I fully expect some good ideas...And guys, you are welcome to pitch in too, of course!

Anyway, so I am meeting him for drinks after work tomorrow. Aaannnddd...I am enjoying Valentine's Day a bit now. I am such a sucker. Really. Oh well, emotions are emotions, and I can't change that this is bringing a smile to my face.

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Feb 13, 2007

The Truth in Life
The last 72 hours have been an emotional whirlwind. I have managed to end a relationship and start one in the matter of 48 hours. Granted, I have no idea what will happen with the new one, as, thus far, only a handful of e-mails have been exchanged, but I think I have made pretty quick work of being dumped.

The saddest, yet most refreshing part of the whole thing is that I wasn't upset over losing The Architect. In fact, I was far more emotional over the thought of having failed at yet another relationship, and being alone again at Valentine's Day. I am sure you want to tell me how I haven't failed, I simply haven't found the right person. But from my perspective, it feels like failure. The inability to grasp the true nature of a person over and over again. You look around and see people everywhere that make you wonder (Walmart is a particularly good location for this study), how was SHE able to find love? Yet I am left standing in the dust of their procreation. Or how did HE manage to nab her? And why can't I do that? What am I missing? Because in my scientifically driven mind, it must be something I am doing or not doing that is preventing me from finding the right person. Something I can fix. Because, I have always been able to FIX things. Yet, this, I can't seem to find the right wrench for. It's like I keep tweaking the test subject only to have it give out at a different point than before with every change.

But perhaps the humility with which this new relationship has been kicked off will send it sailing into the realms of my dreams. Because at the end of the day, all I can really do is believe that I WILL meet my best friend. Because to me, that is what I am looking for. I am looking for someone to tackle life with. To root for, who will root for me in return. To bum around the Home Depot with. To try that new indo-mexi-african restaurant with, or travel to Hong Kong to try the street noodles.

If I could get those things from a female friend, I don't think I would care nearly so much about this, but the reality is, all friends eventually find someone, and your partner in crime can no longer devote their attention to your friendship like they once did. That is what drives this frustration. It is also what keeps me looking.


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Feb 11, 2007

Once Again...
And...I'm single.

Err...I'm no longer in an exclusive but non-committed relationship with The Architect.

I can't even call it a break up with that sort of status. But we are no longer together, and that's all that matters. Four days before Valentine's Day, he decided he didn't see a future for us. Uh, I wasn't sure there was one either but I enjoyed his company, and I wanted to have a frigging Valentine's date for only the third time in my life...

(Oh and as a side note, don't tell me Valentine's Day isn't all that it's cracked up to be, because I guarantee if you are saying that, you have had many more Valentines than I have.)

However, there may be a potential new guy. No one has ever been able to claim I need to date more, have they? I haven't met him, but he is a friend of some friends of mine, who they have been trying to set me up with for oh, a year now, but I was always with someone when I talked to them about it. So we'll see. I may have a blind date in my future...

But for the next three days I will be avoiding all retail stores. I went to the supermarket today and was overloaded with red and pink and hearts. Yeah, I won't be spending any money again until Thursday...

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posted by Ty @ 2/11/2007 | 4 comments
Feb 9, 2007

I made sushi for dinner tonight! And for the first time, it came out well! Usually when I try to make it, it's too loose, but this time, it rolled perfectly! I made california rolls. They were quite yummy.

Here are some pictures of my masterpieces!

My First Sushi Success!

My First Sushi Success!


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Feb 8, 2007

The Hotness Revisited--Dream Style...
Went to the Immunologist today. She is completely perplexed too. But she was very nice, and interested in the whole problem. She also is sending me to get a bunch of blood tests done to rule some things out. So tomorrow morning, I will be givin' up the life juice to the Quest Diagnostics overlords.

In other, more amusing news, I had a wild dream last night. I was once again on The Amazing Race, but this time not only did I have a partner, I had Wentworth Miller for a partner! No shit! It was awesome! And at one point, to tell me how he felt about me without it being on camera--because apparently in dream world you can't see things that are written in big black permanent marker on camera--he wrote on the back of a menu, "I LIKE YOU!"

YES!! Wentworth Miller Likes me!!!

God, I love dream world!

(And please don't tell me how Wentworth Miller is gay because I won't listen until I actually hear it from him!! He's a straight, gorgeous, smart, hotty pototy until I learn otherwise!)

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posted by Ty @ 2/08/2007 | 1 comments
Here's To My Motherfucking Health
In the great big world of What-The-Fuck-Is-Wrong-With-Me we now have the following information following the large chunk of Downtown that was removed:

  • I do not have anything wrong with me that my very smart, very sweet, yet completely lackinging in helpfulness doctor can find.
  • I do not have pre-cancerous cells (Buh WAH?? pre-cancerous cells?? Who said we were looking for those?? Ohh...You, my Lacking-In-Helpfulness doctor? You were? But gee whiz, you didn't tell me that! Oh, you were trying to not make me worry? Oh how sweet of you. NOW FIND OUT WHAT HE MOTHERFUCK IS WRONG WITH ME BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WORRIED FOR TWO YEARS!!)
  • She wants me to go to an Immunologist (study of or pertaining to immune systems and their function) because my immune system may be fucked.
  • She wants me to get tested for Diabetes!!! Oh holy shit. New worries. Motherfucker. Diabetes??? Now everytime I pee one too many times I am going to think it's a symptom. And every time I crave a carb, and every time my toes go numb on the ellyptical at the gym (do you ever have that happen?) and every time I get a little shaky hungry, and every time I am tired.
  • Oh funfucking times.

I talked to The Architect about this last night (oh did I mention? We are still together. We are exclusive but not girlfriend/, I have no idea what that is about...) So anyway, I told him about it all and needed some support and sympathy. He did his best. In true guy fashion, he didn't understand that what I really needed was someone to just bounce words off of and hear "everything will be ok" in return. But he got the hang of it. I think it sort of surprised him, because as we all know, I am Miss Independence. But he handled it well. He told me something though that I just don't know how to do. He told maybe I should just stop worrying and leave it up to God. I mean it's a classic concept in religion, but you know, I don't think I have ever done it? And where is the line between proactively helping God but not worrying and proactively helping yourself and worrying?

(Sorry for all the cursing, but dude, it's how I feel right now.)


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Feb 6, 2007

When Your Problem Doesn't SOUND Like an Emergency...
My doctor's nurse deserves a good throttling.

Me: My insurance doesn't want to cover the 5 doses of the prescription The Doc wants me to take because it is a one dose product. The pharmacy said you could call and get them to override that problem.
Nurse: Could you hold on a sec?
{on hold for forever!!}
Nurse: She said just take one dose of this OTC med instead.
Me: You mean, instead of taking the prescription med 5 times, she wants me to take the OTC med that hasn't worked in 2 years, just once?
Nurse: Um, yeah.
Me: {Almost to tears in frustration} fine. Thank you.

How could an OTC med that hasn't worked in 2 years, suddenly work again when she originally thought I needed five times the usual amount of the prescription version??

For some reason, I think the nurse told the doctor "some patient" was on the phone, instead of getting out my file and telling her who I was. Otherwise, how could the doctor come to that answer about the medicine?

I called back after I had washed away all of my make-up with tears. I asked the receptionist to please have my doctor call me. Hopefully, I will have a better understanding of what is going on after she calls back.


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