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Feb 8, 2007

The Hotness Revisited--Dream Style...
Went to the Immunologist today. She is completely perplexed too. But she was very nice, and interested in the whole problem. She also is sending me to get a bunch of blood tests done to rule some things out. So tomorrow morning, I will be givin' up the life juice to the Quest Diagnostics overlords.

In other, more amusing news, I had a wild dream last night. I was once again on The Amazing Race, but this time not only did I have a partner, I had Wentworth Miller for a partner! No shit! It was awesome! And at one point, to tell me how he felt about me without it being on camera--because apparently in dream world you can't see things that are written in big black permanent marker on camera--he wrote on the back of a menu, "I LIKE YOU!"

YES!! Wentworth Miller Likes me!!!

God, I love dream world!

(And please don't tell me how Wentworth Miller is gay because I won't listen until I actually hear it from him!! He's a straight, gorgeous, smart, hotty pototy until I learn otherwise!)

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posted by Ty @ 2/08/2007
At 7:01 PM, February 09, 2007, Blogger Trixie said...

So frustrating!! I am actually very happy to know what the fuck is wrong with me and now I only have to wait a week or two or six to feel better!! I hope they figure it out for you.

p.s. I'm going back on the wellbutrin! I am very glad about that. You give good advice.


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