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Jun 30, 2005

Ah, sleep...
I had the most fabulous dream last night...I met a doctor...and not just any doctor, he happened to be the guy I see out at volleyball every week who I nicknamed brown shorts (because he always wears brown shorts out there, duh!)...He is SO hot...I mean SOOOO HOT! Way, way hot...although, a friend of mine and I decided his face may not be all talking to him up close might ruin the effect, but his BODY is SOO H.O.T. Anyway, he was the doctor in my dream. Of course, my mind made his face a touch softer, but it was definitely him and we were chatting and he had heard some good stuff about me from someone friend I guess...and he was putting his hand on my shoulder as he laughed about something showing his gleaming white teeth, and all was well, and I was about to get a date out of this dream, and then, "MEEEOOOOWWW!!!" My damn cat woke me up. Grrrr....
posted by Ty @ 6/30/2005 | 1 comments