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Aug 11, 2005

Beautiful People are Hitting on Me!
About a week ago, I wrote a little post about This morning I was checking my referrals on my stat counter and noticed I had A LOT of search engine referrals...It turns out it took about a week for people to start getting curious about I had hit after hit from people looking for info on am even coming up 4th on google searches! So in case anyone is here looking for the BP website, here's another link to it for ya! Enjoy, but be sure you aren't using the Firefox browser, because you will be snubbed! We Firefox fans aren't hot enough for their club!
posted by Ty @ 8/11/2005 | 10 comments
Happy Happy Thoughts 13
We won two of three games last night at volleyball, and I played really well...I was complimented several times...Plus it felt great to get back out to Yucatan! It had been almost a week!!
posted by Ty @ 8/11/2005 | 0 comments
Oh, Lordy...
I've been hit!

Ha, not by a car...that's where you mind went isn't it? No, by comment spam...and it wasn't even the kindly compliments spammer...but it made me giggle so I am going to delete the comments and leave you with a little quote from Mr. Spam himself.

"Feeling lonely? Hook up with Real Singles now for $4.99 to connect, and only $0.99 a min. A true match is only a phone call away. Give it a try 1-800-I'm-not-advertising-for-them. "

Only $6 and I am on my way to true love, sweet! I wonder if I could get them in trouble with the FTC for false advertising...
posted by Ty @ 8/11/2005 | 3 comments