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Jul 17, 2006

Weekend Recap!
What an interesting weekend. Friday, I got to see some old friends...My friend from high school who is a pilot in the Air Force, his wife, his sister, and my ex-best friend (as well as the usual crew). The ex-best friend part was a touch strange. We haven't talked in three years, and I was really quite content with that, but we were friends for eight years before our falling out, so even though I have no intention of being buddy-buddy with her ever again, it was still nice to see her on some level. We have a lot of shared history, and no matter what happened three years ago, that history will always be a part of my life. The sort of funny thing though was that her friend that joined her for moral support (because she confessed she no long feels comfortable hanging out with our old crew) seemed to hit on all the single guys (or guys she THOUGHT were single) at the party. She was caught by a friend of mine as she was hitting on my friend's boyfriend, and then I saw her sort of following my guy friends around the party...Guess fresh meat is always tempting...

Remember the guy I mentioned that went to my rival college...The Aggie? And my disgust over the fact that I could possibly like him? Ok, ok...I like him...Damn it. We hung out all weekend, and I had a great time. We can talk about anything together. And we have a lot of the same hobbies...He's a lot of fun, and my friends all seem to like him. Damn it. ;-)

I also got a new air conditioner this weekend! YAY! Double Yay! My house is now able to actually cool to the temperature set on the thermostat! What a crazy concept! Including trip fees, removal fees, and uh...secret fees, it cost me $420. Not too shabby, considering the unit would be about $1,800 to $2,000 if I had had to buy it, and the increased efficiency of the new unit should repay that $420 in about a year I would guess. During months like this one, where my old unit created $300 electric bills, I should save between $70 and $100 a month. That's some serious moolah!

And the Aggie also made another suggestion that might help a lot. Solar Screens. Anyone know anything about these? Or have these? Supposedly they can cut out up to 90% of the heat that comes through your windows. Since I have single pane glass, that could really be beneficial.

Let's see, what else. I went to a baby shower Sunday morning. It was with my extended family. It was nice to see everyone, but what is up with the early morning weekend parties??? I did get to hold the newest addition to the family, Cara. She is so sweet. 9 weeks old with bright blue eyes and she is already completely comfortable in loud crowded parties...which may have something to do with her very loving, but loud, grandparents...She slept through the entire party, while being passed around like a hot potato.

Sunday night, I played some volleyball, and then went home and watched a Tivoed episode of Big Brother 7: All Stars, which I am completely and undeniably addicted to. Anyone else watching? It is really just so good. If you like the strategy and manipulation that goes into shows like Survivor, you will love Big Brother. That is the entire point of the show! Plus it is on three times a week, so it fills up my weeknights quite nicely!

I can't wait to sit in my living room tonight and enjoy the unadulterated pleasure of an air conditioner turned down to "friggin' cold."
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