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Mar 14, 2005

Saturday, I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Greenville Ave. I think this parade should be a rite of passage for new Dallasites. It proves there are cool, fun people in this city with a serious sense of humor. After being told by my friend J that we would need to be at his friend's apartment by 9:57am, we arrived at a sluggish 10:30. No worries though, J's friends had just started drinking while they waited. Oh, did I not mention how Dallas relaxes the open container law on parade day? Yup, you can drink on the street, N'awlin's style!

And the biggest party of the day is at the CVS pharmacy parking lot. I swear. Everyone says, "'K, meet ya at the CVS" like it's some club. And that was where we were headed. All 15 of us. Plowing down the sidewalk and stopping traffic as we crossed the street, beers in hand. Green beers, even. Once we got the the parade route, a.k.a. Greenville Ave. We crossed over to the other side, like a herd of cows. They had a break in the barriers on diagonal corners of the intersection so you had to cut diagonally across to get through. And just as a herd of cows would, the group walked straight not realizing they couldn't cross straight, and I had to redirect the herd. Once everyone was properly protected by the steel barriers, it was time to party!

J and I found our friends who had parked a truck at the edge of the parking lot facing the parade route, at 6am! We were informed that for a measly couple of bucks we could have our fill of green beer from one of the 3 kegs that had been brought to the CVS parking lot by our friends. And it was on! I got my beer and climbed up on the truck. I looked around and all I saw were people. People dressed in green. It was a sea of people. And the car next to us had brought a stereo system complete with standing speakers large enough for a club. And they were blaring them. People were dancing and it reminded me remarkably of Lake Travis and Devil's Cove in Austin over Memorial Day, or Fourth of July. The music was the right mix of hip hop and country, just like the lake, and standing on the car felt suprisingly similar to a boat. It was one hell of a party!

A couple of hours, two sunburned arms and a green tongue (green beer, remember) later, I was sitting on top of the truck with my feet resting on the toolbox when one of the guys who was with us--a friend of a friend--decided to hit on me. This guy was utterly not my type. He was possibly shorter than me, and fairly dorky. And in an attempt to be cool, he had worn a BRIGHT green button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and enough starch to kill a cow (no, I have no idea how starch would kill a cow...just go with it...). Had he had the shirt untucked, and open with a t-shirt under it, it MIGHT have not been so bad, but he just looked way to uptight to be at a parade where people drink green beer in a CVS parking lot. Well, I was polite and we talked for a few minutes. Then I said I was going to get down and feel out my sea legs for a few minutes.

Him: "Well, uh, do you think I could call you some time and we could maybe get together?"
Me: "Uh" {eyebrows raised, forehead scrunched in uncomfortable, yet, I-don't-want-to-hurt-your-feelings way} "No."
Him: "Oh, ok."
Me: "Uh, I'm sorry. Uh...I am going to get down now. It was nice talking to you."
Him: "Yeah, you too."

I walk over to J.

J: "Hey, what's up!?"
Me: "See that guy up on the truck, with the green button down on?"
J: "yeah"
Me: "He just hit on me. He asked if he could have my number."
J: "Eww...sorry. What did you say"
Me: "No"
J: "That's it? You just said, 'No'?"
Me: {in a squirrely voice because it now sounded ridiculous and mean} "yeah"
J: {Hysterical laughter} "I can't believe you just said, "no"!! {more laughter}
Me: "Well..."
J: "You could have given him that fake number that goes to the rejection hotline"
Me: "No, that's mean!"
J: {more laughter}

J is still teasing me about that...He just bursts out with, "So uh, do you think I could have your number?" "No!" Then starts laughing hysterically again.

Possibly not my Singleton shining moment! But I had a good time nonetheless!
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