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Jan 17, 2007

And Dallas Came To a Halt. Again.
What a mess. Last night this was the exchange on the local news station:

Meteorologist: Well, looks like we will have some flurries tomorrow! Nothing too bad, but maybe some pretty snowflakes!

Anchor Chick: Oh, ho, ho...snow flurries!

Anchor Dude: Kids! Get ready for some snow!!

Meteorologist: Oh, well...No, we won't have enough snow to close schools. Sorry kids. Just some flurries. No big deal...hahaha!

Um, meteorologist dude? You really need a refresher course. First of all, the crazy ice storm we were supposed to get Sunday didn't happen, and now the non-event we were supposed to have today has turned into a sleet-filled (not snow, buddy) mess.

Dallas? You have WAY too many bridges, overpasses and ramps.

Sand trucks? Get to work!! You are really behind, folks!


posted by Ty @ 1/17/2007 | 1 comments