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Jul 14, 2004

Goodbye, dear friend.
I had to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends last night. I have know her since I was a scared 19 year old pledge. She has been given one heck of an opportunity but MAN am I going to miss her. She exudes a classy, goofy, and beautiful energy that I always loved to be around...even when she drove me crazy with her plans and spreadsheets!

Her husband has been accepted to Harvard business school to get his MBA and she gets to go with him and see what she can make of herself in Boston. With her newly found interest in the Democratic party (she was a Republican until she married a Democrat...way to go JC!), I have no doubt she will love Boston. Probably join the Kerry campaign and do something absolutely wonderfully fun and intelligent and then get offfered a job in Kerry's PR department when he is elected to office...or else she will find a fabulous job at an ad agency in Boston on a fabulous account and be the star of the agency...I have no doubt good things are in store for her in Bean Town.

But man, am I going to miss her. It didn't really hit me until last night while we were having our last margarita together. She has never been the kind of friend I spend every waking minute with, but she was the kind I always knew was there for me, no matter what. And if I ever said or did something stupid...especially if it affected her, she was quick to tell me rather than hold a grudge. But she never did it with meanness. Simply, you have hurt me, and I need to let you know. How beatiful a way to handle your friends' idiocies.

She is one of the few people I have met in my life whose inner beauty matched her outer beauty perfectly. I don't know how you find these people, but I am sincerely concerned about my ability to do it again. These people are the ones who have gotten me through the rough spots, and try as I might to surround myself with them, something always happens, and it seems to come in the form of relocation...either I moved or she did. My beatiful friends are now scattered across the country leaving me with what, at the moment, feels like half a circle of friends. AC is leaving a large gaping hole in my circle, far bigger than one person can fill.

I know she and I will always be friends, but now I will lack the comfort of knowing she is just a short drive away. I suppose I will have to supplement that with the knowledge that planes regularly fly to Bean Town, and I can always hop on a plane and stay in the guest bedroom they made sure to have for all of their Texas Family.

It is just such a twisted feeling to be so excited and happy for your friend's fortune, and so sad for your own loss. But, in the end, she is still my friend, and no amount of distance or time can change long as we keep each other in our hearts.
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