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Sep 19, 2005

The VC
At the behest of my cousin, I will continue the tale of the hard to get, Volleyball Crush. I have never been so patient about a guy in all my life. Jeff--everybody remember Jeff? Super poker star ex-boyfriend who comments here occasionally--he took his sweet ass time, and eventually got me to ask him out after 9 months of flirting over the poker table, but he was very overt with his flirting and it just took that long for us to realize we liked each other more than just as a fling. But at least I knew he was attracted to me. With VC, I have no idea sometimes.

I am starting to wonder if he's just not interested. But he invited me to watch his hockey game, and he did show up for my birthday dinner. But I suppose both of those things could have been meant as friendly gestures. But since when do guys altruistically befriend girls at our age?

But last night when Jenny and I went to watch his game, she got the distinct impression that everyone knew who I was and that I was "off limits." After the game Jenny and tailgated with some of the team and then went with them to a bar (until 1:30am). They seemed to be feeling us out. What did we do, where did we go to school, hobbies...Almost like they were seeing if I was good enough for Rob. We had a great time. According to Jenny, I was witty and entertaining. She totally hit it off with one of VC's best friends, and when we were all leaving the bar, VC managed to walk with me and away from everyone else. But nothing happened (although it would have been quite awkward in front of all of our friends, so no real surprise there).

So I figured the night went quite well. I impressed his friends, I believe, and had a good time myself--good end to the evening. But today, we have e-mailed back and forth a few times about volleyball and I gave him subtle hits of ways he could ask me out or at least flirt with me and he hasn't even come close to taking the bait. I cannot tell if he is just shy, or just not interested. I am getting to the point of just wanting to flat out ask him. If he's not interested, maybe it would be less painful to find out now than wait to find out later.
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Birthdays Rock

Luka Gazing
Originally uploaded by tonguetyed.
My birthday was awesome! Friday night my friends took me out and got me wasted...they really worked hard that one too. I did some melodrama at the end of the evening, but otherwise I had an absolute blast. Only lost $60 and a ring...

Saturday we went to Abacus for dinner. AMAZING. And then I opened presents. My parents got me a macro lens for my D70, and I thought I would show you a couple pictures I took. This first one isn't so "macro" but you have no idea how hard it is to take pictures of a black cat. The camera can't focus on him and he moves to much for the manual focus.

This one is a bit more macro. This is Luka's big ol' honker.

Luka's Nose

This is a reed that appears now and then on a spikey fern I own. The reed is only about 1/4" in diameter. The first image is from few inches away. The second is the same image cropped and zoomed in on.


Reed Closer
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