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May 23, 2006

Trainer Tally
My trainer thinks I have strong shoulders! Yay! Given that my arms are as weak as a four year old, it's good to hear that at least my shoulders are doing well...And really, I must say, it's kind of fun to look at my shoulders from behind in a mirror...errr...confession...I totally check out my shoulders from behind in the mirror...You know, holding a mirror in front of me, wall mirror behind me...Yeah, so if I put my arm at a right angle from my shoulder out, hand straight up, my muscles pop out in my's awesome. So my trainer noticed yesterday. He has me do this ball throw. I lean back on a stability ball in the "ball bridge" position (but he lets me drop my hips a touch) and he throws a medicine ball at me. I catch it directly over my head and let it pull my arms backward past my head, then throw it back to him. I am great at this...And it is doing wonders for my shoulders, which is really sweet because those shoulders are really useful in volleyball! So IF I were keeping score, here's where I stand with my trainer:

1 pt. for strong calves
-1 pt. for crappy arm strength
1 pt. for strong quads
-1 pt. for weak knees
1 pt. for "good legs"
-1 pt. for weak abs
1 pt. for strong shoulders

So, it looks like I am ahead by one point right now!! Thank goodness for that "good legs" comment!!
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