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Jul 9, 2004

Fabric, Happy, Fabric...
I just went to the most amazing place ever...The Golden D'or Fabric Outlet!!! It is 27,000 sq. ft. of glorious fabric!! Bolts upon bolts upon bolts!! It is everything I could have asked for!!! When I watch Trading Spaces and see all the beautiful fabrics that they get "for a steal" I wonder where this steal is...Not at my local fabric store, that for sure. They only have crappy quilting patterns. Nothing interesting. Perhaps, if they carried interesting fabrics, more people would sew. YOU HEAR THAT FABRIC STORES??? More interesting fabrics are requested! NOW GET ON IT!!! Well, I found the motherload today!! So I guess I had better learn to sew more than just curtains, pillows, and Cookie Monster costumes!
posted by Ty @ 7/09/2004 | 0 comments
Ready to Par-Tay!
So I played poker on Wednesday night...won $19...I am BACK! It's a small start, but considering I was down to three dollars when came back it's good stuff...Just gotta keep it up...a slow climb to the top...

Last night I worked on the getting ready for party SF, SB and I are throwing tomorrow. The theme is Classy, Sexy, Cool. We will be having the party at SF's place, where there is very little seating so we have had to get creative...We are having a Harem Lounge! Last night I bought some fabric--shimmery Moraccan-inspired fabrics--and started recovering my old throw pillows...There ar 9 to be done in all. I got 5 done last night. They look awesome! I am also taking over my 5'x8' red shag throw rug and a short pedestal to use as a table. SF is going to hang some really cool curtain behind the Harem Lounge to add to the ambiance. We are also going to set up a TON of candles. And we are placing several pedestals around the apartment that will be covered with gauzy fabric and have platters of food on them (to create better traffic flow, so people don't hover over the food table!)

Here is how I picture the party:

The room is dim, with most of the lighting coming from candles and well placed christmas lights. People are walking around mingling and laughing that great "whahaha" laugh that rich people do, while holding up their martini glass with a delicate hand and a gently cocked arm. Others are sitting in the Harem lounge, legs tucked neatly beside them leaning in to have an intimate conversation with one of the beautiful people while sexually eating a chocolate covered strawberry and giggling seductively...

This is my dream...reality will probably be significantly more like a frat party...ah, well...someday...
posted by Ty @ 7/09/2004 | 0 comments