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Jul 9, 2004

Fabric, Happy, Fabric...
I just went to the most amazing place ever...The Golden D'or Fabric Outlet!!! It is 27,000 sq. ft. of glorious fabric!! Bolts upon bolts upon bolts!! It is everything I could have asked for!!! When I watch Trading Spaces and see all the beautiful fabrics that they get "for a steal" I wonder where this steal is...Not at my local fabric store, that for sure. They only have crappy quilting patterns. Nothing interesting. Perhaps, if they carried interesting fabrics, more people would sew. YOU HEAR THAT FABRIC STORES??? More interesting fabrics are requested! NOW GET ON IT!!! Well, I found the motherload today!! So I guess I had better learn to sew more than just curtains, pillows, and Cookie Monster costumes!
posted by Ty @ 7/09/2004

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