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Jun 30, 2004

So in addition to my volleyball interests, I love poker. I have been playing for over a year now with some guy friends of mine. It all started because a high school and college friend suggested I needed to learn. He told me guys would love it. A girl who can play poker!? And then he realized, "well, they will love it or be scared of it!" But I resisted because I already love pool and darts. I decided maybe I had enough traditionally male hobbies! But eventually he broke me down and I learned, and of course, loved it! Texas Hold'em is our game of choice and we had been playing one or two games a week until the bottle cap debacle. The games eventually became $50 buy in, No Limit Texas Hold 'em--A fairly serious game for a 20-somethings home game. We played at R and Jeff's apartment--not the cleanest of environments. As we played, we drank, and as we opened new bottles, we would toss the caps over the kitchen counter, into the kitchen and attempt to hit the trash can that we could not see. Hitting the trash created a roar of "Yeah"s and "Way to go"s, but missings created laughter and "ahhh"s. There was a lot of laughter. After months of people leaving empty beer bottles on the table, on the counter, on the floor, and worse, leaving the bottle caps we had tossed toward the trash can strewn on the kitchen floor, RC and Jeff, decided they no longer wanted to hold poker night. They were tired of stepping on bottle caps at three in the morning! Well, at that same time, some of the guys found an illegal poker house and began playing there. They could never quite convince me to go, so soon I was on a forced poker sabbatical. We have played a few home games here and there since then, but nothing much. But tonight is my return to the game!! We are playing our traditional $50 buy in, No Limit Texas Hold 'em, and I am determined to play well...wish me luck.
posted by Ty @ 6/30/2004
At 11:24 AM, July 08, 2004, Blogger Andres Silva said...

Not neccessarily the most social of activities, but have you concidered playing online to get your fix?

At 11:37 AM, July 08, 2004, Blogger Ty said...

Yes, but exactly as you said, it's lacking on the social aspect. Plus, the guys I play with are better than what I was finding in general on the web. Two are planning on going to the World Series of Poker next year. So the games can be quite challenging! But the games have started again! We are playing ever Wednesday again. We played yesterday, in fact! Thanks for the suggestion!


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