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Oct 6, 2006

Random Jazz
Caution!! Bullet points ahead!

Party Planning...She is a Bitch.
It's one thing to plan a party for your friends. They are chosen family and they accept you for who you are. They are around all the time. They know you are messy, or are in the middle of a project, or stressed. It's a completely different story when you are trying to plan a party where family (many of whom have never been to your home) are flying in from all over the country. Planning this party alone, without help and without my mother for a sounding board has been incredibly stressful. I am so glad it will be over in one week and 36 hours.

Phytophotodermatisis...she is an ass.
A MONTH ago, when I was in Austin, we went to the lake. We were on a boat. There was a lime. It needed to be cut. Beer needed its sweet nectar. The juices ran down my hands it was such a nectarful lime (yes I made up a word...). Two days later, my hands had reddish brown streaks on them. They did not go away. I went to the doctor to see why my hands looked like I had been punching things. She declared I had phytophotodermatisis. Get this...Apparently, lime juice reacts with sunlight. All citrus actually...And the sunlight had created a chemical reaction on my skin and caused it to darken in places. In streaks. Or rather, drips. Exactly where the lime juice had run down my hands. It is very attractive. Apparently, most people don't even notice until I say something, but then they look in horror at the weirdness...It will go away eventually (2-3 months!!), but how bizarre is that?? According to the doc, it's fairly common for people to get when they are on vacation sitting in the sun squeezing limes into their margaritas on the beach. And bartenders get it when they cut a lot of limes...So a word to the wise, lime juice and sun don't mix!

TX/OU is the greatest weekend of football ever!
Yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say about that. I am totally stoked for this weekend.

My house MIGHT be on HGTV!
The husband of a friend of mine is a real estate agent and an actor. I know. He's an interesting guy! So he got involved with HGTV and a new show they doing called, My House is Worth What? He will be one of the real estate agents that they feature on it. And they need houses where people have done some renovations. Enter, me! My friend called and asked if I might be interested. Uh, yeah! That'd be fun! So I have to submit the application and all, but I get to mention that my friend asked me to send it in, and if they like everything, I may get on the show! :) Unfortunately, it's not the kind of show where they come in and renovate half your house in 2 days but, still, it would be fun. So we shall see.

And last but NEVER least...
Wentworth Miller, A.K.A. The Hotness, is in my area. SIGH...He was in Frisco the day before yesterday, and a friend said his friend met him in Uptown a few days ago. SO close!! They are filming in North Texas for all the stuff where they are supposed to be in Utah.

Oh, and finally, bullet points aren't working on Blogger Beta. So I guess you will have to pretend they are there...

Oh and of course, HOOK 'EM Horns!!

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