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Dec 12, 2006

More Babies Pics!
Here are some pictures from another shoot I did last week!


posted by Ty @ 12/12/2006 | 0 comments
My Prosperity is in the Left Rear
I am thankful and frustrated.

This is the second year in a row that December has proven to be a whopper of a month. Last year, my uncle died of a fall that was preceeded by a heart attack just a couple weeks before Christmas, and then the brother of my aunt died of a heart attack just days before New Year's Eve.

It was a bad month. It was sad, and prompted many, many Whys.

This month has been bad as well but in completely different ways. And I would give anything to be able to have had two years with Decembers like this 2006 December, in place of last year's 2005 December. But it has been trying nonetheless.

In one week, I had to replace my furnace, for an out-of-pocket of $900, get my filling replaced, take my cat (who does not have cancer by the way...thank God)to the vet, for $200, and had no hot water. Did I mention the no hot water?? Yeah, somehow the furnace guys turned off the gas to my water heater.

I also had my Naughty Santa party which was a great success but also cost me another $200. So all in all, I spent a quick $1400 or so last week. And while money is no comparison to losing loved ones, it has proven quite stressful.

A friend of mine is Feng Shui-ing her house right now, and I told her what I want for Christmas is for her to come do my house! Stick a money tree in several rooms, add some water features, be sure my toilet seats are always down and my bathroom doors are always closed so I don't flush my good luck down the drain...Maybe hang some crystals...Whatever it takes to turn my luck around.

We'll see I suppose...maybe 2007 will be THE year.

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posted by Ty @ 12/12/2006 | 1 comments