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Sep 16, 2004

Soon to be a Homeowner!
I am pleasantly content today. I put in a bid for a house (the house) yesterday. We volleyed back and forth a few times on the price and then they gave their "final offer." In my opinion, they used the words "final offer" just to create some drama. It was going too smoothly. So I pondered it for about ummm, 10 minutes because at this point I was now $8,000 below their original asking price, and accepted. The price wound up only $1,000 over what I had planned. That works out to approximately $10 a month. Emmm, worth it. Now I have to have an inspection done on the house. Cross your fingers that everything is ok. From what we have seen, there is very little wrong with the house. There are two window seals broken and the biggie, a chance there was water damage in the master bath. But we are hoping this is from BEFORE the roof was replaced. In which case, I should be in good shape.

This house is awesome! It is a two bedroom with a loft study attached to the master. The loft is big enough to be a bedroom but lacks a closet and access via any other route than through the master bedroom. This is not good for resale. BUT! I have a solution! I will be cutting through a closet and adding a Juliet Balcony to create a walkway and access to the loft. I will also be adding a closet. And voila! Instant three bedroom house! Resale here we come!!! And the best part is the work will be done by a family friend who is quoting me basically at cost! Wahoo!

So there you have it. In one short month, I should be the proud owner of a 1,600 square foot, two story, two car garage, soon to be three bedroom house!
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