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Aug 21, 2006

Wentworth Miller: Part Deux
Did I mention he looks amazing in a V-neck??

Let me show you...
Or maybe this will help you understand...

posted by Ty @ 8/21/2006 | 3 comments
I Am Like, SO Totally Naming My Firstborn Son After Him!
It has been years since I last wanted to spackle hundreds of photos and magazine tearouts of a Hollywood Hottie to the walls of my room, but I might make an exception for this man. I am SO in love with him. His name, his eyes, his smile, his voice...mmmmm...And to add lovely bonuses to his gorgeousness, his show, Prison Break, has its season premiere tonight. I'm so glad I don't have to wait until mid-september! It's like Wentworth gave me an early birthday present! I get to look at him every week now! Wonder how they are going to work that UNBELIEVABLY sexy tattoo into the show now that they are broken out of jail! Cause I gotta see that body!!

Let me reiterate...MMMMMM....
Oh and MMMM, MMMM...

Oh and an for good measure, MMMM, mmmm, MMMM....

posted by Ty @ 8/21/2006 | 0 comments