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Nov 4, 2005

Smile A Day #3
Ok, back to the smile a days...

I had two yesterday.

One, I have a date tonight! Yay me! With Mr. Incredible from the Halloween party last weekend. We are going to the Stars game! We were supposed to just go grab a beer and then go see Jarhead, but a friend e-mailed me today asking if I wanted to go to the game because she had good tickets...Of course, Mr. Incredible was interested...So we are going to the game! (And for free!...well I probably owe my friend a beer or two and maybe some nachos, but essentially free!!)

Two, I talked with my long lost friend, Nick last night. He is doing well! He just finished writing a book! He's trying to get it published now. It was great talking to him. It was like old times. Oh and as for my questions, he's not married, no kids, and isn't even seeing anyone. Whew. He is also living in Austin, but his brother lives up here, so he is supposed to let me know when he comes to visit his brother so we can get together. Very cool. He was shocked that I own business and a house! He couldn't believe his little friend was all grown up. He also told me he was glad to hear I "still had happiness in my voice" like I used to. The funny thing is, just before he said that, I thought the same thing about him. I really missed him. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders by getting back in touch with him. He also said I wasn't the only one who thought might be dead! lol...Guess he disappeared on a lot of people...
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