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Apr 5, 2006

Hot Pants
My warehouse manager just went out to the Roach Coach (those food trucks that go from warehouse to warehouse delivering less than healthy food...) to get his mid-morning meal during break. He came in balancing a plate of food and carrying a Gatorade. I was asking him some questions about an order and he started jumping around a little. I looked him funny, and he replied:

"The tortillas in my pocket are burning me!"

And he proceeded to pull out a several tortillas wrapped in thin yellow paper.

Cracked my shit up!
posted by Ty @ 4/05/2006 | 0 comments
Escrow Schmeshrow
Did I tell you all about my escrow issues??

(First, for anyone sans-house, escrow is basically rolling your annual property taxes into your monthly mortgage payments so that you don't have to pay a few thousand dollar lump sum in taxes each year...It was recommended for me since I was a first-time home buyer, but eventually, it's more financially sound to pay the taxes yourself without escrow.)

What a mess. They sent me a bill saying their was a $1314 shortage on my escrow account. Meaning I would have to pay $1314 or watch my monthly payments go up $109.50. It turned out they had not yet received my Homestead Exemption (meaning I live in my house and it's not just an investment property) and the analysis had been done without the exemption included. The nearly $800 exemption. So, problem mostly solved. We're talking about $514 now. That's no where near as painful. Taxes go up...Nothing you can do. Well I got a revised statement yesterday. It says I still owe a $982 shortage. How can that be??

And on top of that, they say my new bill after paying the shortage would only go up by $3 a month. How is that possible?? If taxes supposedly went up $42 a month, isn't this going to put me right back where I am now in a year? With an ever-increasing under-analyzed shortage on my escrow account??

Mess. Totally mess....
posted by Ty @ 4/05/2006 | 2 comments