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Aug 18, 2006

From Fate's Lips
God's plan. Destiny. Karma. Fate.

Most people believe one way or another that even with free will there is something greater out there deciding our path in life. So what does it mean when your daughter is having a baby in one city, and your son is having surgery for an aneurysm in another--at the same time?

How do you deal with that? How do you reconsile what has just happened?

A friend just had a baby this morning via scheduled C-section. Her baby was breach and the time had come to bring him into this world.

Late last night, her brother collapsed at the restaurant he works at in a fit of convulsions. He just graduated college last year. He had a brain aneurysm.

He is in Austin, she is in Dallas. Both underwent surgery at 7:00 and 7:30am respectively.

What is the plan behind this? What architect in the sky decided to build this skyscraper of emotions and turmoil? I cannot fathom what emotions must be going through their mother's head. Certainly fear and empathy, but how hard must it be to feel the happiness of a first grandson under those circumstances?

A semblance of sanity was given back to the family this morning, however. The baby boy was delivered without complications and into the loving arms of his mother and father, and the aneurysm surgery went well, although he will remain in the hospital, first in ICU and then a regular room, for the next two weeks.

Please keep this family in your thoughts in the coming days. No one should have this checkmark on their list for Fate.
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