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Feb 11, 2007

Once Again...
And...I'm single.

Err...I'm no longer in an exclusive but non-committed relationship with The Architect.

I can't even call it a break up with that sort of status. But we are no longer together, and that's all that matters. Four days before Valentine's Day, he decided he didn't see a future for us. Uh, I wasn't sure there was one either but I enjoyed his company, and I wanted to have a frigging Valentine's date for only the third time in my life...

(Oh and as a side note, don't tell me Valentine's Day isn't all that it's cracked up to be, because I guarantee if you are saying that, you have had many more Valentines than I have.)

However, there may be a potential new guy. No one has ever been able to claim I need to date more, have they? I haven't met him, but he is a friend of some friends of mine, who they have been trying to set me up with for oh, a year now, but I was always with someone when I talked to them about it. So we'll see. I may have a blind date in my future...

But for the next three days I will be avoiding all retail stores. I went to the supermarket today and was overloaded with red and pink and hearts. Yeah, I won't be spending any money again until Thursday...

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posted by Ty @ 2/11/2007 | 4 comments