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Oct 18, 2005

Beautiful Bullets
  • The Colbert Report (pronounced The Colbear Repore...all French-like...hehe) was good! At first I wasn't sure. But then, when Colbert was in his element interviewing Stone Phillips he really hit his stride. It was quite funny! Check it out after The Daily Show!
  • I had a great weekend. Partied Friday, watched the Longhorns kick ass on Saturday, and rented Sahara Saturday night--which was fun, by the way...I mean, how could it not be! Matthew McConaughey was half naked several times!! Sunday, I trimmed down my new brown velvet curtains so they would puddle a bit on the floor, and painted my bookshelf "Caviar" black.
  • CAUTION!! CAT STORY AHEAD!!! Last night, my cats played hide and attack on my bed. I changed the sheets which is like an instant invitation to Luka to hop on my bed before I put the top sheet on. He just stands there on the clean sheet waiting for me to throw the top sheet over him in a wave of fabric that billows down around him. Then he crawls around on his belly waiting for Brody. If Brody is paying attention, he will jump up on the bed on top of the top sheet and they will bat at each other through the fabric. It is so cute! Brody sneaks up to Luka and tries to hit him through the sheet before Luka can knock one at Brody. They can keep this up for 15 minutes if the game is going well!
  • What do you all think about writing memoirs? I am thinking about suggesting to my grandmother that we try to write her memoir together. She has so many great stories. And they aren't normal grandmother stories because she is my step-grandmother really, and she was a single working woman until she was 45. In a world where you didn't stay single and you didn't work if you were a woman. And she did it in New York City, in advertising, without being able to type a single word. It could be a fascinating, empowering book.
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