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Jul 7, 2004

Rocking the Boat
This is a bit long, I apologize, but hopefully it's interesting enough to read all the way through... :)

So we made it to Austin! We got in around 10pm. Just in time to start drinking. On our way, we made 4 stops...yes 4. Even for a girl that's a lot! We stopped for food, we stopped for vodka, we stopped for cigs for SF, we stopped for food again...Well, the vodka stop was interesting. Because liquor isn't sold after 9pm in Texas, we had to make a stop on the way. So we stopped in Podunkville and asked for directions to the nearest liquor store from a thin woman sporting a pony tail with 1991 bangs all crispy with hair spray and curled two inches high. This is the conversation(and read Direction-Giver with a nice, thick stereotypical Texas accent)
DG: "Well, you see that highway out theyer?"
SF: "Yeah the one over there." Pointing to the "highway"--Which was a two lane road in most cities...
DG: "No the one right across the street" Pointing to the same street.
SF: "Right, the one right over there."
DG: "Well, you go down theyer 'bout 2 miles and you'll come to a 'Y' in the road. Don't go left, don't go right, go straight." (doesn't that make it a 4-way stop...??)
SF: "K. So straight at the 'Y'.
DG: "Right, don't go left, don't go right, go straight. There's a shoppin' cenner right theyer and the liquor store is right in theyer."
SF: "Thanks for the help."

And off we went...Two miles down the road, we came to the "shoppin' cenner" at the 4-way intersection that had been deemed a 'Y' by Direction-Giver. And sure enough there was the smallest liquor store I have ever been in. The store had a wall of alcohol to our left, and a wall of alcohol to our right. That was it. As we are about to check out, the cashier, a 60-something, gray-haired Texan, looks to her partner, and asks with all sincerity, "Hal, do I card these girls?"

Ok, now I have NEVER heard that in a liquor store before! Not only do I look about 18, but SB looks young too, and we are obviously not from around town. Must be nice to be 18 in that town!

So anyway, we finally make it the boat, and we start drinking off of the first of two kegs. On board are 5 other people. CB, the boat owner; the girl he was currently dating(but only for 2 weeks), NI; and CB's friends AL and AN (who have been dating for an equally impressive one week). Immediately, we receive those Bitch looks you get from girls who are threatened by you. They were off in a corner talking in low voices, and glancing at us on occasion. We new this was no good! Stuck on a boat for three days in very close quarters with two people who feel threaten by could lead to trouble.

Well, after doing in half of the keg, we all headed to bed. The next morning, we got up and had bloody mary's for breakfast. Well, three of us did. AL used ONE HALF of a bottle to make three drinks!!! All I needed was to sit 5 feet from one of them and I had a buzz!

After the Bloody breakfast, we had a real one back at the marina. Around noon we went back out to Devil's cove to start the day's festivities...

As we watched the boats stream in, I realized--like I always do when I go there--why I love Austin so much! It is chocked full of beautiful, intelligent, lake-lovers. Oh my, the beautiful...

Saturday was fairly uneventful. We had a great time, but other than the thousands of boats in cove, nothing crazy happened.

Saturday night we went watched the fireworks on the lake. It was so beautiful. The fireworks lit up the water in a sparkling swath of color that rocked gently toward us. The colors changing from red to green to purple and then to white, then starting over again.

But, again, there were thousands of boats, and when everyone left the lake it created some serious rocking! We may as well have been on the ocean! I don't get sea sick but even I was a little nauseous after that one. It took about an hour and half for the lake to calm down, but what a great night's sleep.

Sunday we started all over again, just as we had on Saturday, with Bloody Mary's but AL had finished off the rest of the first bottle and half of the second bottle of vodka on Saturday (note that she went home Saturday night...perhaps that was too much vodka even for her)so we had "small" drinks on Sunday!

By the time the afternoon rolled around, I was slightly inebriated...At one point, I decided to climb onto the swim deck from the boat. Well I made it down one of the ladder steps, but as I set my foot on the swim deck, something happened...I am not sure quite what, but the next thing I knew, I was in the water upside down, grabbing for my sunglasses as the they slid up my nose and tried to make a dive for the bottom of the lake. I grabbed them just in time and came to the surface.

Apparently, a chiropractor had been floating in the water near our boat, and witnessed my graceful departure. He kindly suggested that he might need to look at my leg. So we got out of the water and I noticed (visually, I didn't feel it) that I had a chunk of skin missing from my knee...hmm...So he had me lie down and he moved my leg this way and that, and decided I was, in fact, going to live.

Well, to make a long story slightly shorter, I wound up with bruises (including one giant purple and red blood blister bruise) on my hip, waist, back, shin, ankle, and wrist. And the best part is the big bruise was on my left hip, but the cut was on my right knee. So somehow, I managed to do a somersault off the boat. I must have looked hilarious!

CB informed me, I have now entered an elite group of people who have taken graceful exits from the boat.

And, interestingly spending three days on the water with no dry land under foot does some funny things to your equilibrium. When I returned I spent the next 48 hours rocking. The whole world sways because of your messed up equilibrium. Basically, you feel drunk, ALL the time. And the worst is staring at a computer screen or taking a shower. I have no idea why, but it can make you a little nauseous it's so bad. Very weird.

Anyway, all in all, the weekend was fabulous! I cannot wait to do it again in a few weeks!!
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