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Sep 12, 2006

Austin Adventures...
Well, other than losing the biggest game of the year, I had a great weekend in Austin!

My friend T picked me up from the airport at noon and took the rest of the day off to hang out with me. We went to lunch and then to the University Co-op to buy lots of great longhorn stuff. I bought this jersey (but cut for girls), and this car emblem (I can't believe I have had the new car for almost a year and had no Longhorn insignia on it!!!), and a burnt orange unbrella, and this sticker for my burnt orange Nalgene bottle.

Oh, and I got reprimanded for not explaining where my ticket to the Texas/OSU game came from...As this blog is anonymous, he will have to deal with not having his name splattered on the internet and simply being called P, but the ticket came from a very good friend, P, who I have actually known since high school, although we didn't become friends until college. For my birthday, he gave me one of his season tickets...Quite a gift, given that he could have sold the pair of tickets for about $1200!

We had a blast together. We went to College Game Day Saturday morning, which was broadcasting from UT's Track stadium next to the Darryl K. Royal Memorial Stadium (the football stadium), and made it on TV, sort of...we found ourselves on Tivo! For all of about 2.2 seconds!!

ESPN College Game Day, Baby!

Then we went home and crashed for a few hours to gear up for the game. And good thing we did! We went back downtown to tailgate around 4, and not only had the RESERVED parking space we thought we'd be parking in been sold, but we had to park several blocks farther away! We had a 12 block walk to campus! Nuts!! On the way though, we had to stop at a tailgate of course! We had both been invited to tailgates by friends, and after speaking to them both, discovered they would be tailgating in the same parking lot. Great, we thought, we can just stop by both. But low and behold, when we get there, after wading through thousands of people and blocks and blocks of tailgate parties, we found our friends...At the SAME tailgate!! It turns out, our friends knew each other and have been tailgating together for years! Out of hundreds and hundreds of tailgate parties, we were both invited to the same one!

After a few beers, and a lot of gawking at the incredible number of people, More of the Sea of Orange

we headed to the stadium. Our seats were in the South Endzone, in new, temporary seating. The seats were great! 7th row, and right above Bevo, our mascot Longhorn.

Our View at Kick Off

Unfortunately, several of the season ticket holders around us apparently decided $1200 was worth missing the game, because there were several Buckeyes around us. And to our dismay, they were really nice. I say to our dismay, because it would have been easier to hate them after we lost if they had been assholes.

After the game, we grabbed some late dinner at Kirby Lane, and then headed home to crash, exhausted from the long day.

Sunday, I got to go to the lake with T, and met all of her friends who I have heard about now for the past year, but never met. We had a great time...and I may have imbibed a few too many beers, but it felt great to get on the lake.

Sunday night, I met P's girlfriend. I am sure I came off like a scrappy-looking drunk-ass because they picked me up from the lake and we went straight to dinner, so needless to say, I was not in the best shape to meet the girlfriend. But she was very sweet and pretty, and seems to be totally into P. It was nice to see him so happy.

Then I hopped on a plane and headed home. And crashed. What a weekend!!

I have posted all the photos to Flickr in a photo set, so go check out the rest of the pics...there are some really cute ones.
posted by Ty @ 9/12/2006
At 5:28 PM, September 13, 2006, Anonymous Stacy said...

So, if I take those vitamins you recommended, will I have as much energy as you? Or, do I just need to be ten years younger? really sucks that the beta won't let me comment the old fashioned way!

Stacy (in case none of my identifying information comes through)

At 7:52 PM, September 13, 2006, Anonymous P said...

I got mentioned!


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