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Oct 10, 2006

Next Time, Someone Make Sure I Eat Dinner Please....
Oh the stories I could tell you about this past weekend...

First, Hook 'em Horns!! We won! Yay!

As for the stories...let's just say, it appears I may have imbibed 12 beers and 4 shots Saturday. After the 12th beer and first shot, I don't remember. I was told about the other three. I was quite a piece of work Saturday. It was definitely NOT my finest moment. But I guess, for all the times I have taken care of my friends when they were stupid drunk, they owed me a little payback! lol...I call all bets even now!!

For the sake of all that is my posterity, I don't think I will go into detail about my antics for fear the 14 year old daughter of my future self might stumble across these words just as she's trying to tell me how it was just a LITTLE water that they added to the vodka bottle after they drank half of it out of the liquor cabinet, and "jeez,'re the one who was [doing all those stupid things] at the bar!!" Cause, well, that would prohibit me from telling my daughter that "In MY day, a lady never drank like that, and you're FOURTEEN, stay out of the liquor cabinet! And ANYWAY, I was twice your age when I did [those stupid things] at the bar!" (I really need to work on my Drunken Teenage Daughter speech huh? That didn't even convince me...)

In any case, I left my car at the bar and took a cab home, but the next day, when I needed to get it back, there was no one to take me, and I really needed to get something back to my father, and well, I wound up calling my parents and my mother came down and drove me to pick up my car from the bar. You should have heard the ribbing I got for that one! lol...Good times...And the good times continued until I finally pulled myself out of bed at 3pm...Ouch.

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posted by Ty @ 10/10/2006

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