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Dec 14, 2006

Interesting Blogging News
This article on the BBC News: Technology website (which is strangely attributed to no one...) is rather interesting. Besides the fact that Technorati's data has been notoriously unreliable, it's interesting that this analyst firm, Gartner, thinks blogging will peak in 2007.

It seems to me that as the population ages, the number of bloggers will naturally increase, because people don't seem to stop blogging because they hit a certain age, but they certainly do start blogging as they get old enough. So it's interesting to think that
"most people who would ever start a web blog had already done so."

But hey...who am I to disagree with mysterious analysts...

Any opinions?

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posted by Ty @ 12/14/2006
At 4:12 PM, December 14, 2006, Anonymous Stacy said...

That's interesting...I kind of thought the blogging ship had already sailed. I contemplated not starting mine up again, thinking the fad of the personal journal had gone the way of Marissa Cooper. ;)

At 4:37 PM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Ty said...

well like the mystery author said, there are people who start one and find they have nothing to say...and then there are those of us who never shut up! :) I thought it weird to say that most of the people who would ever start one had already done so though. Just on the basis of teenagers picking it as they got old enough. Maybe he should have said, most of the *adults* who would ever start one already have...

At 5:56 PM, December 17, 2006, Blogger Sarah said...

It should say, "most people who would ever start a *good* web blog have already done so"...


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