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Aug 3, 2004

The 1st Annual NRH Invitational
So I played in a poker tourney this past weekend. It was a $100 buy-in No Limit Texas Hold 'Em game. There were 27 players, and two of us were of the female persuasion...It seemed, after only a few hands, that for me at least, this was of no consequence for once. I didn't feel any of the usual "awww, she's a girl" vibes...It is such a weird thing to explain too...Guys don't get it. They don't even know they do it. And they don't mean too, but until you hit that weird place where they stop seeing you as a girl, you feel it. It reminds me of making a new friend who is of a different ethnic background than you are--an ethnicity that you have never been friends with before. As you first feel them out, you watch yourself a little. You aren't sure where the boundaries are. But as you get to know them, that all fades away and you don't see their ethnicity at all. You just see a friend. I love that. Well, it's the same at poker. At first, the guys see a girl. But if I am lucky, at some point they just see another poker player...and that's when I take all their money!!

So basically, I played REALLY well until just before I went out. I was my table's chip leader for about an hour, and possibly the chip leader for the tourney during that time, as well. I was kicking butt. I had them. I had them all...I knocked out two guys on one hand. Then I knocked another one out a couple of minutes later...Then I lost $150 on one hand...Then something similar on the next hand I played...and then I was on tilt...And then I lost it all...I was 11th. Not bad, but I should have been top 5. Top 9 at the very least. I was playing so well...I will kick myself for that for a long time.

The game really became a $100 poker lesson. As long as I look at it that way, it was a great game...But I have a new nemisis hand--Pocket 6's....that's an evil hand. Not so bad that you want to get it out of your hands as quickly as possible so the bad luck of that hand doesn't rub off, but absolutely and completely beatable. And I was beaten twice holding it. And then beaten by some else who was holding it. I will stay away from that hand for awhile, I think. I will be going back to my A-7, and A-9. They treat me well in the category of hands-that-shouldn't-be-played-but-win-a-surprisingly-large-number-of-pots. This, I think, is where skill comes in...I don't have the skill to play pocket 6's but I do to play an A-7. It's all very subjective really. Everyone has that hand they love, and that hand they hate, an it's usually the ones in the middle. The decent hands that aren't bad but can be beaten with relative ease unless you have confidence and trust in them. After I get over my pocket 6's tilt, I will try to learn the skill for this hand.
posted by Ty @ 8/03/2004

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