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Jul 19, 2005

Time Wasters Unite!
I have found a new and improved way to waste time at work! Try buying a new printer drum for your Minolta laser printer!! Why yes, it's amazing! You can waste hours of your precious time by tackling this lovely project! Once that printer starts flashing, "DRUM CARTRIDGE: END OF LIFE" you have only days to complete this task, yet no one will be able to help you. Time wasting will thus commence. Trips to local office supply stores will be in vain and old ladies working in the ink department will fail to be of assistance causing you to return empty handed to your office to begin making phone calls. No one will be able to get your lovely drum to you in less than a week and you will thus being pulling your hair out. Luckily, the side effect of this is fewer trips to the salon! Finally, after hours of time wasting, you will be able to return to work and find that the only place that will ship your wonderful drum in 1 day is of course the amazing Minolta website!

But, Wait! There's more! While on the Minolta site, you will receive an error message for free! Yes, FREE! And be directed to CALL Minolta where you will be able to wait on hold, extending the life of your time wasting! This is a great deal folks! Call today for more information about our fabulous Time Waster!
posted by Ty @ 7/19/2005

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