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Aug 10, 2005

Cousin Rob
Dunno if anyone is interested, but I just wanted to draw attention to my Daily Polariod today on my sidebar. Today's picture is of my Cousin Rob. He comments here all the time. I am sure he will just love that is picture is up on the internet, but too bad! He's the guy who has helped get me though my grandmother's surgery and recovery with some sanity left. He absolutely rocks...and we are going to try to get ourselves on The Amazing Race together! (At least we talk about it...) :) He speaks Arabic and Hebrew (he's a PhD candidate in Arab Studies...he' the smart one in the family...) and he is possibly the most charming person you would ever meet...(Think Rob from from Rob and Amber...just oozes charm...must be something in the name!!) Plus, he is well, the cameras will LOVE him...We would be "The Cousins" and everyone would love him and hate would be perfect! So anyway, he has the Middle East covered for languages and I have Central and South America, and between us I think we could get by in German, Dutch and French...We would only be screwed in Asia, but I bet I could get him to learn some Japanese and Cantonese before the show!! Better start watching all the reruns to gain some pointers...Oh and Stacy, you of course would have to be our Pre-show Advisor...
posted by Ty @ 8/10/2005

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