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Aug 26, 2005

Happy Happy Thoughts 27
In 36 hours, I will be sailing across the Gulf of Mexico! I will be drinking a Pina Colada or some other fruity, yet intoxicating drink, and I will not be allowed to think about car wrecks, car batteries, sick grandmothers, business, my house, astronomical electric bills, social schedules, volleyball, gas prices, or any other mind blurring activities.

I will only be allowed to think about pina coladas, sun tanning, snorkeling, FOOD...lots of food, the glutinous intake of said food, reggae, and general all out, full steam ahead partying!

posted by Ty @ 8/26/2005
At 1:23 PM, August 28, 2005, Blogger Adelle said...

Hope you are having an awesome time!!!


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