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Aug 24, 2005

Service Thief, More Like
Service King tried to pass off a scratched bumper as acceptable yesterday. He just wanted me to go ahead and accept a brand new bumper with scratches. Right. Not happening. He says they all come that way, that Nissan packages them poorly. Not. My. Problem. If it was a painted bumper (which Xterras don't have--they are dark grey plastic), no one would ever accept one with a scratch, but just because it's harder for them to find clean bumpers, I am supposed to accept that crap? I don't think so. He wanted me to just go ahead and give him my deductibles and then he would fix it later. HA! No way I was going to sign or hand over money on that! That would be saying it was acceptable!

My car is still at Service Thief and they are currently paying for my rental car. I tried to pick up my car around 5:00 yesterday and when I said it wasn't acceptable, they eventually said they would replace the scratched pieces today and have it ready by the end of the day. Hmm...It could be done that fast?? Then why did I have to have a rental for 16 days?? I have called my State Farm agent and they agree with me and are trying to figure it out for me. We'll see how it goes. They are going to try to make sure Service Thief pays for my rental and gets me clean bumpers and reimburses me for some of my rental fees. Wish me luck!
posted by Ty @ 8/24/2005
At 1:53 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger Stacy said...

That reminds me of when I bought my Honda Accord. When they were doing the final run through before delivery, some dork misinterpreted "fin" as "spoiler" instead of short for "final."

They actually tried to get me to pay for half of the spoiler they put on my car, even though I didn't ask for a spoiler. That didn't work...LOL. THEY screwed up, why should I have to pay for it?


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