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Dec 27, 2005

Two posts...Not Done. One Christmas, Done.
I have been working on two serious posts lately, neither of which are done. One I think I will leave out, but the other you will probably see soon...Sorry about the disappearance. The week leading up to Christmas SUCKED big time.

Christmas however, was AWEsome. I got an 11-cup food processor (stainless steel), y'all!!!! SO cool! One of my cousins told me I just need to get married already so I stop wasting wedding presenty things on Christmas presents! lol...oh well...Guess it was my mom's way of saying she knew it won't be happening any time soon, and I need to get to cooking ELEVEN cups of somethin' quick! Hmm...11 cups of salsa? 11 cups of pesto? 11 cups dough? What the hell am I going to make 11 cups of?? Sounds like another party though!

I also got these AMAZING boots (laugh Rob...go ahead...laugh it up! ;-)), and this Aerobed, and a great sleeping bag for camping (and when I drag them both to friends' houses to crash upon after long boughts of drinking...the aerobed and sleeping bag, not the boots...I will have been wearing those...) And most awesomely, this flash for my D70...My parents are the coolest parents ever!

Note...While looking for a picture of the Aerobed, I found this...Dude! I might have to return the one I have...this rocks! TWO power sources!! Sweet!...You know it doesn't seem to have the nifty inflate/deflate adjuster thingy though...hmmm...maybe i'll just buy a power adaptor for the car...

And by the way! Happy Hanukkah everyone!! :~)
posted by Ty @ 12/27/2005

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