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Jun 21, 2005

Way Totally Wiped
I am exhausted...I was exhausted before I got to work, but I have been playing catch up all day on top of that...nap...I need a NAP! I also need to mow the 1 foot of grass in my backyard...anyone want to do it for me???? :-D

Oh, and unpack, and do laundry, and fix my laptop, and write to you crazy people...whew...BUT, I am going to blow off most of that to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith tonight with a couple of friends...I totally need to do something fun after the last week and a half. Everyone's like, did you have a good time in NYC? Because when normal people go to NYC they get to have fun there...Unfortunately, we were up at 8am taking phone calls from concerned relatives, and didn't go to sleep until 1:00 or 2:00 am every day...and we worked the entire time in between, save for an hour or so for was worse that actually being at work! MUCH longer hours, that's for sure. We did manage to go to Little Italy and Chinatown for dinner a couple nights, and we went to the Museum of Modern Art for an hour and a half or so...And I spend some considerable time underground in the subway tunnels...oh and I got the MOST wonderful chocolate at Jaques Torres' chocolate shop in Soho (he has a show on the Food network...)...We got a HUGE basket of chocolates from there to send to my grandmother's office to say thank you for their concern and understanding over the last few weeks...I SO wish I worked there so I could partake in that one!! YUM!

But at least my cousin Rob was there...he kept me sane--almost...Everyone say hi to Rob! He reads my blog! Poor Rob...he probably thinks I am a moody, insane bitch...Sorry Rob...too many emotions, not enough releasing and you get Rachel, "The Mega-Bitch-Moody-Insano-Girl" Do me a favor and just remember the girl you hung out with in Austin and ignore the Mega-Bitch-Moody-Insano-Girl from last week...she's almost back in hiding now...I promise...oh and my mother and I are speaking again!! :)
posted by Ty @ 6/21/2005
At 12:53 AM, June 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Cuz, I was very impressed by you and the job you did in NY. In the past three weeks Ive learned that you are very fun, incredibly smart, and, most importantly, someone who can be counted on in time of need. That combination is very rare indeed.

I hope you are proud of yourself for this, you really showed what a high character person you are. You took on alot of responsibility on your Grandma's behalf and accomplished all the things that needed to be done, even when the "adults" in the room were too frazzled to function. I know that your "Mamaw" will be extremely proud of you as well.

Hopefully Ill see you soon under better circumstances,

At 7:34 AM, June 22, 2005, Blogger Ty said...

Thanks Rob, ditto on all of that. You were there for us too. I really can't tell you how lucky I feel to know my family is made up of people like you...(I am generously excluding your brothers at the moment...hopefully they will prove they have our same last name soon...)Enjoy the beach for me!! (Sooo jealous...)


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