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Nov 17, 2005

Girl Talk! Guys: Avert your eyes!
So, you know how you can skip your period for up to three months now, by just keepin' on keepin' on with your birth control? And how it's actually supposed to be better for you and all? Yeah ok, they fail to tell you, and I fail to remember (every time) how when you skip a couple months, the cramps are infinitely worse on your next period. GROAN! I never got cramps before BC and then they weren't that bad. But now, holy Jesus. My back hurts which makes me want to sit up straight and stretch out, but then that stretches out my abdomen and my cramps hurt more, and the cramps just want me to curl up. UGH! Just went to the store for Midol...kick in, kick in, kick in...
posted by Ty @ 11/17/2005
At 9:46 AM, November 18, 2005, Blogger Adelle said...

I tried that... once. I was a mess! It messed up my cycle, my hormones, everything. I feel for ya!


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