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Nov 17, 2005

Travel Baby!
Ok, I may have just been disuaded from ever having children. I just found the best reason not to. Travel. I've been keeping up with Kottke as he travels through Asia (which is really cool...he's a good travel writer) and he wrote something today that made me rethink things...

To those who say they can't afford to travel, I say to you: stop making excuses. If you've got the income and leisure time to be spending time reading this blog, are sufficiently motivated, and make it a priority in your life[8], you can certainly afford it.

[8] This is the big sticking point for most people, I think. If you choose to have a family or focus on your career or pursue a costly photography hobby, you might not have the money or flexibility to travel this way. But that's a choice you've made (on some level)...and I would argue that if you're 30 years old, you can arrange to make an overseas trip once every 3-5 years, and that's about 7-8 trips by the time you're 60.

And I have also been writing my NaNoWriMo book and it has brought me back to visiting Europe. I have to pilfer my memories for the book, and as I think back and think of intelligent descriptive ways to write about my trips, I remember how wonderful it was, and how depressed I was to come home.

And then...he linked to this couple...they are Dutch and have been traveling to and in Asia since 2003. I would absolutely love to do that. To travel and write, and blog, and do photography. I have found my new career I think...


Then I remember, I have two cats...and I have a real problem sleeping in uncomfortable places...both of which might hender this thought....but maybe I could just do it for shorter spans of time...I am sure I could get someone to watch the kitties for a month at a time or something...And for a month, I could deal with uncomfortable sleeping arrangements...

Travel is one of those things that can just take you over. It reveals not only mysteries about the world to you, but also about yourself. You learn so much. You learn your personal limitations, and strengths you have never explored before. You learn you can communicate without words, and that no matter where you are there are certain universal truths. Feelings are expressed the same way everywhere. A smile is a smile. And you learn that surprisingly, some of the biggest adventures you take come in the form of food. Discarding your inhibitions, and taste buds, can be some of the most thrilling moments in travel.

I just hope I have the desire and the means to do some serious travel in my life. And as Jason suggests, that may mean not having kids. And I may be ok with that.
posted by Ty @ 11/17/2005
At 5:35 PM, November 20, 2005, Blogger Stacy said...

People always say to me, "Wow...must be NICE to be able to travel so much," like we're independently wealthy or something.

Actually, we just make the conscious decision to travel and plan accordingly. It's a lifestyle choice, just like anything else. Some folks have kids, we go to Hawaii for ten days every year and have plans to do things like go on an African safari, or eat sushi in Japan in the upcoming decade.

When people used to ask my husband and I what our long-term goals were, they always involved travel. That should have been indication enough to most people that kids weren't one of our long-term goals. ;)

At 4:35 PM, December 09, 2005, Blogger Russell said...

After reading this I want to drop what I am doing and leave. But like you, I have certain limitations holding me back.

I have been to more countries than I can remember, but it is never enough.

You should go. I don't know if you have anything else holding you back, besides what you listed. But two cats, and some anxiety about sleeping arrangements is not a good enough excuse.


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