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Feb 13, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy
This weekend was filled with happy things. Strangely, they only happened at night. Hmm. Possibly because I spent the days holed up in my house, doing absolutely nothing.

Friday, a large group of my friends and I went roller skating. I swear. Not roller blading, roller SKATING. And the youngest person was 25. And there were nearly 20 people. And we had a few beers beforehand. And that may not have been the best idea.

I was the one who was skeptical about going. I was afraid of several things. Being REALLY really bad, falling, hurting myself, and feeling really old. Turns out, only two of those things actually happened. I fell, and I hurt myself. But surprisingly, I was not bad, and I really didn't feel old! If anything, I felt like I was about 12 again, and it felt really good. Until I ate it, that is. Then I was in pain and that made me feel old. I was goofing off with one of the guys who was really good--we were dancing as we skated--and my feet went out from under me, and my butt went down. HARD. My butt caught 80% of the fall but I landed on my left palm too. I got up stunned and winded and aimed for the railing. I looked to my right and saw what seemed like hundreds of people careening toward me at lightening speed. I gathered as much breath as I could and hurled myself at the railing. That was the moment I decided the beer had been a bad idea. I wound up with a nice bruise on my palm, a bruised butt, and an upper back that feels like I crunched my vertebrae into a neat little pile.

I rallied after about 10 minutes of butt recuperation, and skated until the very last minute. When I got off the rink, Jenny walked over, a bag of ice on her nose. I looked at her shocked, and asked what happened. She had eaten it in the opposite direction that I had. She had face-planted the rink. I had somehow missed the entire thing. She had gushed blood, and I never even saw it. We have since figured out, she most likely tripped on something, and hit the ground with her wrists and face at the same time. Her wrists are nicely bruised, just like my left palm, and she broke her nose, cut the bridge of her nose, busted her lip, and got a goose egg on her forehead. None of us thought at the time that she might have been more seriously injured, but it now looks like she also gave herself a concussion! She had pneumonia a couple weeks ago, and her doctor had told her she had a very high pain threshold. I guess the doc was right because she too rallied, and we went out to the bar!

In addition to Jenny's wounds, nearly every person that went injured something. Twisted ankles, torn up knees, swollen elbows, and lots of sore butts and wrists, and bruises in the most inconvenient of places. But you know what? It was a blast!

Saturday, I couldn't move. Between my butt, my back and the massive hangover I had, I kept myself near-stationary all day. I ordered pizza for dinner, and only rallied when a friend came up from downtown to go out. I rounded up a friend who had been skating the night before with a camera in her back pocket, which she promptly fell on, neatly leaving a square bruise on her right buttock. We met up with our downtown friend, found the bar to be lame, and luckily received a call from a friend about a house party. We headed over there, and found a new group of people who were utterly cool and fun and when I drank water, instead of beer, not one person tried to convince me to do otherwise. Which pleased me greatly after my 18 hour hangover.

Sunday, I still was in pretty bad shape as my back started acting up more, but I made it out to lunch and then to dinner with Jenny, and made it home just in time for Grey's Anatomy which was like so totally amazing! And to top it off, the writer's for Grey's Anatomy have a blog. And they write about writing each episode. Including the last two which have some amazing posts that you all should go read.

And top all that goodness off, my internet is now working again at the office (It died last Friday) as the unruly router has now been replaced. Whew! What a weekend...
posted by Ty @ 2/13/2006

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