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Dec 18, 2006

For the Love of All That is The Internets
The problem with throwing a Christmas party on December 9th is that you spend the three weeks before getting ready for the party, instead of shopping, and then the week after cleaning up...instead of shopping.

I have been so far behind on my Christmas shopping this year! If it weren't for the internet, I don't think any of my out-of-state friends and family would be getting anything before the new year. And it's still doubtful they will get anything before Christmas Day.

But lo the wonders of the internet. I have frequented several sites this year that have saved the day. Among them are, which has some really unque presents--didn't the name tell you that??, (where I get great discounts because I have a membership card, which I have been repaid the $25 fee three or four times this year), which has sent me to some very cool sites, and given me some great present ideas, and where I spent so much money this year, that they gave me a free gift...a nice one, too! And the Sur La Table website which is just so much cooler than William-Sonoma.

At any rate, I found some pretty cool gifts this year that I would never have found in stores, and I am thrilled! If you're still looking, you're creeping up on the deadline to get it before Christmas, but you still have a little bit of time. So get out there, and look at some 000s and 111s!

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posted by Ty @ 12/18/2006

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