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Oct 1, 2004

Kerry's ahead--but is he really?
I am very proud of Kerry and the way he handled himself. He showed his prowess as a debater, and suggested he might just have a plan. And he obviously plowed over Bush as a debater. Bush's facial expressions alone were depressing. Couple that with his stuttering and lack of real information and Bush was sunk.

But this is not to say Kerry was without fault. I was exceedingly proud of him and his plan for disarming nuclear weapons and stating that it was the biggest problem we have at the moment (been sayin' it for months, myself), until my boyfriend (a staunch, but fair, Republican) noted that Kerry didn't actually state what he would do to get rid of nuclear weapons. To my dismay, I had to agree with him.

And worse still was when I got to work this morning and discussed the debate with my father (an independent with conservative leanings). He said Kerry still didn't say what he would do to get us out of Iraq. I defended Kerry and said, well he only had two minute blocks to do it in. And my father retorted by saying, yes, but those two minute blocks added up to nearly 45 minutes.

With this depressing perspective, I am a little concerned. Yes, I know what Kerry plans to do. I receive e-mails from his campaign, and read them. And I actively seek out information about him, and I read his website and all of the well defined plans he puts on it, but given that majority of the country doesn't even have the internet at home, and given that most of them either don't have time to look up information, or don't care to, how are they going to know his plan? He can't stand up there and continue to tell us to visit He needs to TELL us what he wants to do. He has a plan. Why won't he vocalize it?

In an effort to help Kerry, I am going to post links to his plans about these issues (even though this still doesn't help the non-internet-going folks out there). To my .0001 readers, pass this on to anyone you know who is on the fence. In fact, pass this on to anyone you know. No matter what side of the election you are on, you should know what both candidates think. I would post Bush's plan, but I believe he informed us clearly last night that it will be more of the same, and he will stay the course. So without further ado,

Kerry's overview of his national security plan

Kerry's plan for Iraq

Kerry's general overview for dealing with WMDs around the world

Kerry's specific plan for dealing with nuclear weapons

And there are lots more. Just about any concern you have, he has a plan laid out on his website.

And I said I wouldn't but to not be completely biased, here is what Bush has to say.

posted by Ty @ 10/01/2004
At 1:40 PM, October 01, 2004, Blogger Dylan said...

I agree, it is tough to judge because of bias. Most of the conservatives I've talked to say Kerry has done well, but that Bush made better points. All about perspective, I suppose.


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