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Apr 5, 2005

Alphabet Soup
Swiped from The Snark

Accent: Texan--But Dallas Texan...
Bra Size: You really wanna know??? Ok...36A
Chore I hate: Cleaning the bathroom
Dad’s name: Mitch
Essential make-up: MAC pressed powder
Favorite perfume: Michael Kors
Gold or Silver: Silver, White Gold, Platinum
Hometown: NYC, no, West Orange, no, Tamarac, no, Louisville, no, Richmond, no, St. Louis, no, Dallas, no Austin...No Dallas....
Interesting fact: I can raise one eyebrow and wiggle my ears
Job title: Director of Marketing/Gopher
Kids: Luka and Brody
Living arrangements: I have two roommates...Luka and Brody...and a cute little house
Mom’s birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia
Number of apples eaten in last week: Zero.
Overnight hospital stays: Does my birth count??
Phobia: Not sure I have one at the moment...used to be fires and tornadoes
Question you ask yourself a lot: How did I wind up here?
Religious affiliation: Mewish
Siblings: None
Time I wake up: 7:00am
Unnatural hair color: dark brown with reddish brown, and light brown highlights
Vegetable I refuse to eat: None!
Worst habit: Talking too much!
X-rays: Teeth, and hand
Yummy food I make: any pasta dish, salads, chili, grilled pizza, soups, apple tart, guacamole, fish, uh...people like my food...
Zodiac sign: Virgo
posted by Ty @ 4/05/2005

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