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Jan 12, 2006

Political Rant
Why would I want to have in political power "someone I can relate to?" Can you please tell me the answer to this question?

I am a fairly intelligent person and I want someone who is wiser, has a higher IQ and is more of a work-a-holic than me. I don't want to know he has hobbies, unless it's reading or crossword puzzles or charity work. Things with a purpose...and note that crossword puzzles have been proven to keep your mind sharp as you age...important for a politician, I think.

So why would I care if Judge Alito is someone I can "relate" to? I have no interest in relating to someone who has that sort of power. I will have a much easier time respecting the opinions and decisions of someone who is clearly out of my league. I will be able to say, "well he is smarter than me, he must know what he's doing." And mean it. And feel secure that he must have made the right decision even if I initially disagree with at first.

This idea, although directly pointed at a news reported on TV speaking about Alito, also summarizes my dislike for George Bush and his Man of the People attitude.

Perhaps this clears some things up for you if you were wondering, and if not, well, that's my opinion and this is my blog, so tough noogies...
posted by Ty @ 1/12/2006

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