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Nov 17, 2004

Burnin' Down the House
One of our employees (CL) almost burned down our building today. She decided to put her lunch in the microwave before lunch break and apparently told someone who works closer to the kitchen (GA) to get it out for her after a so many minutes. But she set the microwave to cook for like 20 minutes, and GA didn't get the food out.

So it burned and burned and burned and was probably about one minute from catching on fire when my mother (Boss Lady) caught it. It was a frozen dinner type meal and the plastic melted and the food fried. It was a giant black blob of melted plastic and food smoking and stinking.

Who sets a microwave to cook for that long for a frozen dinner?? Who? Please tell me! Why didn't she set it for a normal time???

And then she, of course, got in trouble for it. Boss Lady ask what happened and she tried to blame it on GA. That didn't fly, so she blamed it on another employee (YS) who happened to walk by while it was burning. That really didn't fly. After my mother found the burning food, she waited. She wanted to see who had done it. YS had walked by and she had him open doors up and get a fan to blow the smoke and stink out. So she knew perfectly well that YS hadn't done anything wrong.

When CL walked into the kitchen, she walked over to the microwave and looked at her food and said, "Oh, no, my lunch!" all wimpery and pitiful. My mother was incensed. CL didn't even care that she could have burned down the building and that the mess she created meant several people have to buy a lunch because the microwave couldn't be used. Some days I think some of our employees are completely brain dead.


In other news, FireFox has it's brand new version out. I was using the preview version, but today it started acting funny so I closed the browser and opened it again and it said I needed to upgrade! Yay! So I did. I restarted the browser, tried to type something in the address bar and it typed it backward!!! I SWEAR! like this: moc.reggolb.www!! Is that weird or what?? I restarted my computer and everything is hunky-dory! And if you haven't tried FireFox yet, you totally need to. It's so much better than IE. The differences aren't really glaring, but you will notice things as you use it. Plus, they have a great pop-up blocker!

End thoughts.
posted by Ty @ 11/17/2004
At 4:41 PM, November 17, 2004, Blogger Dylan said...

Firefox is the best... I can't believe I ever used IE


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