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Jul 21, 2005

Blogwarming Meme
Ok, this is fairly self serving, but I think it's a cute idea. I want to meet some new people, and be able to write for some new people so, here is my Blogwarming Meme in honor of my new Blog Skin (my blog has a new house!!):

UPDATE: There's one more thing I left out...This is supposed to be a way to meet your neighbors, so just as you would in real life, try to think of people I would like to meet. And the same goes for the next people down the line. Choose people that the person who selected you would enjoy meeting/reading and that might enjoy each other as well.

Just copy/paste this meme and post it to your blog changing the answers for the bolded questions.

First, pick 5 neighbors to introduce me to who will then introduce us all to 5 other neighbors:

I will introduce you to, Stacy, Lori, Dell, Dylan, and Melinda

Next, always leave TongueTyed on the list as a 6th neighbor (I want to see how far this Meme goes).

Now tell me about yourself neighbor!

When did you move to the neighborhood?

June 2004

What region of the neighborhood are you from?

Texas (it's too's its own region!)

What is your favorite part of our neighborhood?

I love the perfect grass and the pond...oh wait...that's my real neighborhood...I love the freedom of expression and the way it keeps me writing.

What is your favorite place to visit 'round these parts?

Since I just moved into a new house, I might want to take a short trip to a local place or area. Where would you suggest in your region?

Austin! To go to Lake Travis!

Don't forget, the purpose of this meme is to meet new neighbors, so be sure to check out the homes of some of the ones you are introduced to!
posted by Ty @ 7/21/2005
At 2:13 PM, July 26, 2005, Blogger Stacy said... do I copy this and do it on my blog? I'm sorry...brain dead...! :)

At 9:18 PM, July 26, 2005, Blogger Melinda said...

I promise I'll do this! I may not be able to get to it until the weekend though. Although, like Stacy, I'm not sure I fully get what I'm supposed to do. Looks like I'm a bit brain dead too!

At 8:01 AM, July 27, 2005, Blogger Ty said...

Just copy the meme to your blog, change the "neighbors" to people you want me (and everyone else) to "meet," leave my link on there so I can track the meme, and answer the bold questions! Easy smeezy...


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