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Jul 29, 2005

Tears of Hormones...
Ok, I just totally feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat today. I have no idea why. Every little thing that goes wrong seems awful! I sent out an e-mail about an hour ago to a group of friends about going out tonight and so far only one person has responded and he is going out of town...And I want to cry...That is just ridiculous. What is wrong with me!? I wanted to cry when we lost our volleyball game last night, too. I am just a ball of emotions right now for no good reason. Well, I can think of one monthly reason, but it never affects me this strongly...

List of things that have made me want to cry today and last night:

  • My teammate telling me what I was doing wrong at volleyball
  • Not playing as well as I could
  • When I snapped at my teammate for telling me what I was doing wrong at volleyball
  • When we lost
  • When the guy who has a crush on me kept hanging around
  • When I couldn't talk to the guy I have a crush on because of the guy who has a crush on me hanging around
  • When I had to leave because I couldn't talk to the guy I have a crush on because of the guy who has a crush on me
  • When I called my friend and she didn't answer
  • When I called another friend and he was packing to go out of town and couldn't hang out (although we had a nice chat)
  • When I didn't have any food in the house and had to go to the grocery store
  • When I got to the express checkout and there were 4 people in line (and only two registers open period) and one of the people in line had WAY more than 15 items
  • When a man walked in front of my car as I was backing out of my space and I had to actually wait for him to pass so I could go foward because he was that close to my front bumper (we are talking inches here)
  • When I got home and ate half a bag of potato chips (I wanted to cry for letting myself eat that many calories)
  • When I lost $15 on
  • When the Daily Show sucked and it was the first episode I had managed to watch in ages
  • That was it for yesterday...
  • Today, when I took a shower and didn't wash my hair because I thought it was still ok, only to get out of the shower and realize it felt gross but I didn't have time to wash it (updo, anyone?)
  • When I couldn't find my clip for said updo
  • When I opened the garage door and saw yet ANOTHER copy of Al Dia, the spanish language newspaper that has been showing up at my house every day for a month...I called to stop delivery two weeks ago...
  • When the car in front of me was going turtle speed
  • When I couldn't get into the right turn lane because there were too many cars in the lane next to it
  • When I saw cars parked in the parking lot of the school I pass on the way to work because it means school, and consequently, school ZONES are about to start again
  • When I realized I had no cokes at the office and had to buy one from the machine
  • When I apologized to my teammate for snapping at her yesterday
  • When she said she thought it might better if she just kept her "mouth shut"
  • When I saw my friend's first sonogram
  • When I had a momentary thought of, "I want a baby" before completely flushing that sort of idea from my head for it's many idiotic elements
  • When I looked at Lori's wedding pictures again
  • When I got a call from Nissan about my lease being up and they tried to sell me a new car over the phone
  • When I couldn't think of anything to blog
Yup...that's it so far., one more...when I just got an e-mail and thought it might be in response to my earlier e-mail and it turned out to be spam...

{Sigh...} Why can't they come up with some pill for "that time of the month" for emotions...And WHY am I so moody this time!?

Oh well...
posted by Ty @ 7/29/2005
At 10:57 AM, August 02, 2005, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Me, too! I know it is PMS when I cry at hearing a normal song and it just seems so beautiful or when I see the rays of the sun beaming down out of the clouds or the waves at the beach glowing from the glow-in-the-dark algae or plankton or whatever. Yeah, I'm a blubbering mess.

You know what helps? Calcium. If I remember to take it, I cry a lot less. But then I forget to take it and that makes me cry because I get so angry at myself for being an idiot who can't take care of herself.

Doh! I totally hear you!

At 1:18 PM, August 03, 2005, Blogger Ty said...

hmmm...i need to try the calcium thing...good idea.


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