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Jul 28, 2005

Volleyball Exchange
Last night I played in my 6x6 league for volleyball. One of the guys I play with is this awesome, sweet, funny guy who happens to be 37, and single (and never married). After our game, we stayed at the same court, and watched the other games in our league and drank beer. At one point a girl on one of the teams with very fake boobs (which did not move) put her drink on our table. She was probably around 35 and pretty cute. She struck up a conversation with G and he happily talked back. They were talking about DWIs. Great conversation to hit on each other with, but each his own. She went back out to the court and we all teased him, and told him to go for it!

About 15 minutes later, I looked over and thought aloud, "they just don't move!"

G looked at me and said straight faced, "Ours doesn't move much either." Wha?? My dirty little mind went into overdrive and I thought he was somehow talking about is umm, male apendige.

I responded with the ever clever, "Huh?" and he said, "our team, we just stand there."

Oh! "Haha! No I meant her boobs!! They don't move! You were looking right at her when I said it!!" This sent everyone into rolls of laughter.

The laughter made J wonder what was going on. "What's so funny. I totally missed something."

"I just said, 'They don't move.'"

This set J into fits of laughter too. "Ha, yeah her boobs don't move!"

J getting it so quickly sent us all into more tear jerking laughter. We were roaring for about 10 minutes about this girl's boobs and she had no idea!

Moments like that are why I love my friends.
posted by Ty @ 7/28/2005

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