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Apr 14, 2005

I am such an idiot!! I have serious foot-in-mouth disease...I just told a friend flat out that he uses women...We were having a bit of a tiff and I let rip with that one...UGH! So dumb...He's pissed at me now, and rightfully so....WHY did I say that!? Even if it's true, you NEVER say something like that!!! Geez...

UPDATE: We had it out over e-mail and then about 2 hours later, he IMed me with an apology...that's right buddy!!! :-)
posted by Ty @ 4/14/2005
At 2:33 PM, April 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a cultural difference, but up here in NY, being a little critical of someone is not necessarily a bad thing. A need for politeness above all else, even when a person is doing something bad, is something that has always baffled me about the South.

Your comment was hardly something for someone to be particularly angry at you. Besides, if no one confronts him on it, he'll probably never change and keep on using women. His next girlfriend should thank you.

by the way, i liked what you wrote yesterday, it was very good...



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