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Nov 4, 2004

I need a Computer Geek...err...umm...A Really Smart Person
Help! I need to figure out how to get my blogroll bigger! I cannot get the font size to increase and at the moment you need a magnifying lens to see who is on it...Help! Please!
posted by Ty @ 11/04/2004
At 12:47 PM, November 04, 2004, Blogger Dylan said...

This may not be the best fix, but it could be A fix.

When you log into your blogrolling account, click on "Preferences"

Then, scroll down to a section entitled "Link Goodies"
in the "Prepend to links" section type (remove quotes and spaces) "< large >" and in the "Append to Links" section type "< / large >"

At 1:22 PM, November 04, 2004, Blogger Ty said...

It didn't work Dylan. :-(

At 1:53 PM, November 04, 2004, Blogger Dylan said...

Ok, then my only guess would be to look in your blogger template and see if there are some errant small font commands near your blogroll entry... Other than that, i've got nothing...

At 9:05 PM, November 05, 2004, Blogger jess said...

I believe it may be your header codes. I see that you have < h5> and < h6> tags surrounding your blogroll info. Try to change it to < h2> for the < h5> and < h1> for < h6>. The < h2> code should look like your words "Archives" and "Recent Posts," so you might change "blogroll" to < h2> and the rest to < h1> and see if that helps any. If < h1> doesn't look right, try a different header number (< h3>, < h4>, etc.) and see if another one will work. (You might also want to change "I feel" and "Extra" to fit the scripted header theme by converting those to < h2> tags as well.)

I apologize if that doesn't work. Preview it before saving the changes to see if it will make it larger. I'm definitely not a computer geek: I fix problems on my own blog by trial and error. :) I hope it works for you! (Also, it wouldn't let me post this with the tags intact, so I had to place spaces before the header tags. Just ignore those.)

At 1:28 PM, November 06, 2004, Blogger Ty said...

Hmm, I will try that. How does it look on your computer? On my laptop it looks fine, but on my desktop it looks terrible. Thanks for the suggestion!!


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